Colorlight iSet V3.5 Setup


Download latest Colorlight iSet V3.5, Colorlight iSet Control System Software used for Colorlight X2, X4, X4e, X6, X8, X16, Z4, Z6, X16B, X16C LED display Controller.

1,Support for X1, X8, X16, X16B, X16C senders;

2,Added T mode for X4e, Z4, X16, X16B, X16C Senders, expand the Senders and network port output area;

3,Support for HDR video signals for Z6; added color space settings;

4,Added the Port Load Capacity Calculator;

5,Added Fahrenheit temperature display;

6,Added the "Loop Backup Disconnection Reminder" function;

7,Added the function of viewing the  Port Area of the sender;

8,Added the “Forbid to Modify Module Calibration Coefficient”function in the Soft Edge;

9,Fixed some bugs.

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