Colorlight Display Receiver Card

i5A-F LED Receiver Card

  • Model: i5A-F
  • LED Receiving Card
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Product description: Colorlight i5A-F dual-mode card, synchronous asynchronous mode of double card, has the function of synchronous and asynchronous system at the same time

Colorlight i5A-F Dual Mode LED Display Receiver Card, LED Control System receiving Card, Synchronous LED Display Control System.

i5A-F LED Control Card, can be be used not only as a asynchronous system, but also as an synchronous system, and this two synchronous and asynchronous working mode can be seamlessly switched that the display can not only has the flexibility and high-quality display as synchronization system has, but also has simple and easy operation as asynchronous system has. i5A-F card is particularly and widely used to demonstration, stadium, exhibition, advertising, bidding and other occasions.More perfect display effect by adopting new image processing core, more dedicate image, more stable screen, higher refresh rate, color input


1: Compatible with Colorlight iT7 sending card, iQ7 HD Sender, iQ7E HD Sender,gigabit NIC, etc.
2: i5A-F is a dual-mode control card that makes both synchronous and asynchronous system available and .
3: i5A-F makes the two synchronous and asynchronous working modes can be seamlessly switched freely
4: i5A-F helps to realize more dedicate image and more stable screen
5: i5A-F helps to greatly improve the display effect, higher refresh rate, color input , .
6: Support normal chip, PWM, lighting chip
7: Support brightness and chromaticity calibration
8: Support various freeform display, spherical display, diamond display, creative display, etc.
9: Support any scan mode from static to 1/32 scan
10: Support signal output for 16 groups of RGBR’ and 20 groups of RGB, 32 groups as extended
11: Wide working voltage range with DC3.3 - 6V


i5A-F LED Receiver Card Colorlight i5A-F LED Display Receiver Card Product Specification (PDF Version)