Colorlight Display Sender Card

S6F LED Smart Sender

  • Model: S6F Sender
  • LED Synchronous Sending Box
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Product description: Colorlight S6F LED Synchronous Smart Sender Box Support 1920*1200 Pixels, Indoor /Outdoor Full Color LED Sender, Synchronous LED Display Control System C&Light S6F Sender.

Colorlight S6F LED Synchronous Smart Sender Box is a full HD sender with high capability of HDMI&DVI input and transmission. S6F can communicate with PC via high-speed USB or 100M LAN.  C&Light S6F Sender can cascade with other senders, and the operation is simple and convenient. S6F can be applied to high-end LED display perfectly.


HDMI and DVI signal input ports with HDMI signal loop output port
Maximum input resolution: 1920*1200 pixels
Maximum loading capacity: 2.3 million pixels @60Hz Maximum Width: 4096 pixels, Maximum Height: 2560 pixels
4 gigabit Ethernet outputs support screen arbitrary splicing
4*2.5 Gbps optical fiber outputs for high speed over long distances
Dual USB 2.0 for high speed configuration and easy cascading
Support local area net controlling(100Mbit/s)
Quick screen setting without computer using front control panel
One-click DVI/HDMI signal switching
Improved grayscale performance at low brightness level
Support HDCP
Compatible with all series of Colorlight receiving card


S6F LED Smart Sender Colorlight S6F LED Sender Box Product Specification (PDF Version)