Colorlight LED 3D display Control Solution

    "do not want the general's soldiers is not a good soldier", as said Mr. Yang, COLORLIGHT’s Deputy General Manager at the Guangzhou ISLE exhibition, As a research-based company,COLORLIGHT Display hopes to enhance the industry's overall technological level and provide more value-added services for customers with technology as the guide and the cooperation with display manufacturers. also, make a better contribution and bring vitality for the LED Control system industry.Currently in the LED display control system companies such as Linsn, dbstar, huidu, xixun, novastar, etc, COLORLIGHT Display is the biggest investment in Research & COLORLIGHT spend 60% of annual spending on R & D, It is demonstrates our emphasis on R&D, Development ( which means R & D).  In the 60 people Research & Development personnel team, including 10 Ph. D. and more than 50% graduate students. COLORLIGHT Display believe, long-term development and expansion will bring more advantage for COLORLIGHT Display Products

    Focus on LED Control System industry trends, produce more forward-looking LED display products for customer

    COLORLIGHT Dispaly is the first company which brings 3D concepts to the led isplay in last year 2014, and COLORLIGHT Display did a lot of projects for the LED display manufacturers at the end of the last year. In Guangzhou ISLE exhibition, Most 3D LED display manufacturers choose COLORLIGHT products for the main control system. COLORLIGHT Display believe that, With the popularity of 3D LED Display concepts, more and more companies will begin to focus LED display 3D applications. at the same time, Colorlight Display brings LED workstations concepts to  LED Display industry for the higher requirements for LED display splicing and higher resolution display such as 4K, 8K, etc.  LED workstations appear to integrate all the required product that LED display project needs, such as LED control system, LED VIDEO processor etc.

    COLORLIGHT 3D LED display control system solution’s features

    Compared to the polarization type and naked eye type,active 3D which is mainly used by COLORLIGHT’s 3D LED display, have great advantages in the 3D effects, brightness and perspectives

    1.Simple equipment, debugging more easier

    As long as you have include 3D display module iQ7E HD sender and special 3D glasses, without other peripherals.

    2: active 3D, the effects more excellent

    Have a truly perfect 3D effect.

    3: ZigBee standard, the best 3D viewing experience

    Using ZigBee 3D sync (ZigBee 3D Sync) standard, connecting more flexible, more efficient and effectively avoid interference, provide consumers the best 3D viewing experience

    4: Support 1080P HD resolution LED display

    Polarized 3D technology affected the polarization principle, it is difficult to achieve true HD resolution 3D images. Shutter 3D technology can keep the original resolution, support HD resolution display screen,





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