LED Display Control System

LED display control system is one of the most important parts of LED video wall. Currenty, There are two kinds of control system in all, synchronous control system & asynchronous control system.  No matter which one, the main functions of LED control system is to transmit the signal (text, message, image, video, etc) from computer or other device to LED sign.

Currently, there are many brands companies offering professional LED controller system for LED display in China, some are for full color LED display, some are for single/double color LED sign. some are concentrated on synchronized control system, some are focusing on asynchronous control system. As a global leading full color led display and led screen manufacturer and supplier, We only choose the top level professional LED control systems to ensure our LED displays high quality, high stability and hign reliability.

LED display synchronous control system, also name as LED display online control system, it need a computer to work with the displays all the time to show what the computers shows. Synchronous LED Control system mainly includes LED sender Card, LED receiver card, as well as multi function cards to used to monitor surrounding environment brightness, temperature and humudity. The main working principles of LED display synchronous control system is LED display broadcasting the program which is from the computer to the sending card and then to the receiving card in the screen, and lastly  the receiving card will transfer the program to the screen automatically. It need the sending card is installed in the computer, and the receiver cards are installed in the screen, In addition, the computer needs to be running together with the the screen all the day if the screen would be running all the day. That is to say, synchronous LED display is consisted of LED display, LED sending card, LED receiving card, HUB Cards, multi function card(option), relevant control software (depending on the control system you choose) and a computer. There are many famous brands such as LINSN, NOVASTAR, COLORLIGHT, DBSTAR, etc, offering professional synchronous LED display control system.

1. Linsn

LINSN LED display control system is famous for many years, and has strong market position, from the seventh generation control system to the latest ninth generation, Linsn LED contrl system has obtained user's reputation for more than 10 years. the common mode is TS901 sending card, TS801/TS801D sending card, TS802/TS802D sending card, RV801/RV801D receiving card, RV802 receiving, RV901, RV908, RV908M32, RV907, etc. and also multi funciton card such as EX901 for monitor brightness, temperature and brightness, in addition, the sender box such as SB-8, TS852D, has the same high quality too.

2. Novastar

NOVASTAR LED screen control system has been gradually recognized by the LED display industry because its professional pruduct design, high quality PCB material, simple software operation, full tech support and manuals.
NOVASTAR LED control system not only includes synchronous control system such as MSD600,MSD300 led sending card and MRV300, MRV300Q, MRV330 LED receiver card, but also asynchronous control system such as PSD100, PBOX100, PSD80 and PCC80,in the meantime, NOVASTAR has many kinds of accessories such as Fiber Converter CVT310 / CVT320, Multifunction LED Card MFN300, Monitoring Card MON300, Ambient Temperature Sensor MTH310, Ambient Brightness Sensor NS048C; Besides, high qualtiy controller box such as MCTRL660, MCTRL600 and MCTRL300 are available. and more, excellent high-end LED video processor such as NovaPro HD, VX4S and VX4 are industry lead products.

3. Colorlight

COLORLIGHT LED display controller systems is becoming more and more popular as many excellent LED control cards and LED controller boxs are putted into the market and have been gradually recognized.Their signature items included iT7/T7 sending card, S2 sending card; 5a series receiving card such as 5A, 5A-75, 5A-75E, 5A-75B; i5A series receiver card such as i5A; mini high-end control card such as i6, i5A-905, i5A-907; dual mode asynchronous synchronous control card such as A8, 5A-F, i5A-F; LED conroller meida player such as C1L, C1S, C3, C5, C6; top level LED sender such as iQ7, iQ7E, S4, S6F; and top quality accessories such as M9 multi function card, iM9 multi-function control card and Fiber optic transceivers such as H2F, h4F; not only products are high quality, but also the tech team and support is praised.

4. Xixun

XIXUN LED display control system have many advantages in asynchronous controller system. XIXUN is a professional global solution supplier for outdoor digital media and LED display, and contribute to the development of digital intelligent city, Their signature items included Cascading controller card such as K10, K20(3G option), k+WIFI; Receiving card such as D10, D10-75, D10-270; Class controller card such as A20, A10, M10, M31, C10, M+WIFI; Android controller card such as E10, Y10, M90, L10; Besides many excellent accessories such as R20 sensor, R30E Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor, Humidity Sensor. As you see, they focus on Wireless LED display solution such as 3G, WIFI, RF and Android for LED display sign.

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