Supportable Functions of Colorlight 5A Product Series

Chapter One Supportable Functions of Colorlight 5A Product Series, such as Colorlight 5A / 5A-F / 5A-75 /5A-75E LED Receiver Card,LED Control Card

1. Any module
Support all rows and columns of module pixels, as well as any static to 1 / 32 scan mode.
2. Any empty pin
Support any empty pin of IC, in the front, at the back or in the middle.
3. Any chip
Conventional driver chips, such as MACROBLOCK series, TI series, Toshiba series; PWM series, including MBI5050 and 5042, as well as a large number of lighting chips, such as LPD6803, DM413, MBI6024, MBI6020, TM1812, TM1804, WS2801 and LS3001.
4. Send via NIC or sending cards
The 5A series support such two sending modes as T7 sending cards and Gigabit Ethernet cards.
5. Control card index
Serial clock frequency: 0.2MHz-41.3MHz; minimum OE time: 8ns; gamma range: 1.0 - 6.0; power 3W; cascading number: 65,536 pieces.





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