4 key point to make LED display High-definition

How to make LED display High-definition? What is the most important if LED video wall with High-definition effect. There is two basic premises for full color led display to achieve high-definition display. The first one is the video source must be high-definition, the second one is the LED display must support high-definition display. With the development of society, People have higher and higher standards for the display effect of LED display. HD and ultra-high definition displays have gradually become the mainstream of the market. The shocking effect brought by high-definition LED display is very strong, the content of LED display is more and more attractive than the traditional LED display, and can better satisfy people's pursuit of high-quality audio-visual effect. So how to make LED display become high-definition? there is 4 key point as following:

4 key point to make LED display High-definition

1. The contrast of LED display.

The contrast is one of the key factors that affect the visual effect of LED screen, in general, the higher the contrast, the more vivid images, the more bright colours. High contrast has great help for the image clarity and the gray scale performance. For the display of texts and video display which have strong contrast in black and white, high contrast full color LED display has great advantages in black and white contrast, clarity and completeness. The impact of the contrast is found to be greater in the display of dynamic video. due to fast light and shade converstion of dynamic image, the higher the contrast, the easier to distinguish the image conversion process by human eye. Improving the contrast of LED display is mainly to imporve the brightness and reduce the surface reflectance of the display, but it is not a good idea for brightness becomes very higher as the high brightness not only affect the life spoan of the LED display, but also produce light pollution which will also cause adverse effects on the environment and the population. Special processing for full-color LED display LED panels and LED tubes can reduce the reflectivity of LED panel, and improve the contrast of full-color LED display.

2. Grey scale of LED display

Gray scale of LED display refers to brightness levels which can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest of the single-color brightness. In general, the higher the gray scale, the more beautiful colors of LED display. the lower the gray scale, the more single of the color, the more simple of color changing. Improving the Grayscale can greatly enhance the depth of color, making the image color display level increased in geometric order of magnitude. Currently most LED display manufacturers can make the gray scale of the display from 14bit to 16bit, so that the display become more subtle, vivid and colorful.

3. Pixel Pitch of LED display

The Smaller Pixel Pitch of LED display, the higher the area pixel density of the LED display, the more colorfull picture the LED screen will display.

4. The combination of LED display and LED video processor

LED video processor can use advanced algorithms to modify the quality of images which have poor signal via the implementation of de-interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation and a series of processing to enhance the detail of the LED display image and improve the quality of the picture. The use of video processor image scaling algorithm to ensure that the video image scaling processing to maximize the image clarity and gray level; In addition, the LED video processor can adjust the effect of the Brightness, contrast, grayscale to ensure that the LED display with soft and clear picture to output.

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4 key point to make LED display High-definition

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4 key point to make LED display High-definition





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