7 most importatant parameters of LED display module

LED display module is the core of the LED display. With the development of LED display industry and the growing demand for applications, the function and role of the LED display module become more and more important. From Colorlight experence, let's learn more about what is the 7 most important parameters of LED display module.

7 most importatant parameters of LED display module

1. Color

It is the most basic parameter of LED display module. Different colors LED display module is used for different applications. According to the type of color LED display module can be divided into two following two types: Single color LED display module, Full Color LED display module. Single color LED display module is mostly with one color such as Red, green, blue, white, or yellow. Full color LED module consit of Red, green and blue, it is also called RGB LED display module.

2. Brightness

This is very import indicator for choose outdoor LED display, which have high requirement of brightness in outdoor enviroment. In generally, the brightness of indoor LED display module is lower than the outdoor LED display module.

3. View Angle

View Angle of LED display module is determined by the LED lamp. In generally, we alway choose the LED display module which view angle is wider. Currently most LED display module viewing angle is from 100 degree to 140 degree in horizontal direction, from 60 degree to 70 degree in vertical direction.

4. Working temperture

The normal working temperature of the LED display module is between -18°C and 58°C.

5. Power of LED display module.

It is important one of LED module parameters, the current 12V low-voltage module is most common. When connecting the power with control system we must check the correctness of the voltage value before power on, otherwise it will damage the LED display module.

6. Dimension

There is no uniform standard size for LED display module, for your reference, please ckeck following table to learn about most pixel pitch LED display module size.

Pixel Pixtch
Module Resolution
Module Size(mm)
P2mm 250000
P2.5mm 160000
P2.98mm 112608 84*84 250*250
P3mm 111111
P3.91mm 65746 64*64 250*250
P4mm 62500
P4.81mm 43264 52*52 250*250
P5mm 40000
P5mm 40000 32*32 160*160
P5.95mm 28224 42*42 250*250
P6mm 27777
P6.25mm 25600 40*40 250*250
P6.67mm 22478
P8mm 15625
P8mm 15625
P10mm 10000

7. Waterproof Level

This parameter is mainly for outdoor LED display module. It is an important indicator which can ensure LED display module can long-term work in outdoor circumstance. Currenly the Minimum Standard of waterproof level is IP65.

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7 most importatant parameters of LED display module

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7 most importatant parameters of LED display module





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