Outdoor LED display Cabinet

When choosing an large outdoor LED display, I believe many of my friends are tangled in choosing a simple cabinet or a waterproof cabinet . I believe that many of my friends will be guilty of temporary difficulties, and do not know which Outdoor LED display Cabinet will be better.

Outdoor LED display Cabinet

Simple cabinet  or waterproof cabinet , how will we choose?

Simple cabinet features: light weight, low cost, good ventilation and cooling Disadvantages: the display outside the decorative edge must be waterproof.
Waterproof cabinet features: high water resistance Disadvantages: Small space is not conducive to heat, expensive.
The LED display cabinet is divided into a simple cabinet and a waterproof cabinet. The only difference between the simple cabinet and the waterproof cabinet is that the simple cabinet does not have a rear door and a fan. The simple cabinet function is: Weight, second, to reduce costs.

No matter whether it is a simple cabinet or a waterproof cabinet , it must go through the edging process. The stainless steel edging around the LED display can also completely achieve the waterproof effect. The summary is: the simple cabinet structure is simple (simple cabinet body can also be waterproof effect); waterproof cabinet body needs to be fully enclosed, the cabinet body will not enter the water in the normal outdoor rain conditions

Now many outdoor led display screen are made of simple cabinet. Because the cost of sealed cabinet is high and the final waterproof effect is the same as that of simple cabinet , most people choose simple cabinet .

Moreover, LED cabinets have begun to develop in the direction of thinness and easy disassembly. However, from a professional point of view, it is not completely closed and light and thin, it will certainly be able to play a waterproof effect. Just like your computer case, the cabinet structure is just dust-proof, Foreign matter, etc., if a large area of water, will inevitably cause internal damage, and the space is too small, is not conducive to heat.

Tips: If you are not familiar with the project when installing an outdoor LED full color screen, it is recommended to do waterproofing. If it is cooked and waterproof can be achieved by external edging, the inside of the cabinet can be removed from the two back doors, that is, made into a simple cabinet. One to reduce weight, and second to reduce costs.

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Outdoor LED display Cabinet

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Outdoor LED display Cabinet





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