How to choose Stadium LED display?

Full color Stadium LED Display has relatively high technical requirements. According to actual experience, there are roughly 11 requirements for led display screen for various sports venues, respectively, from the installation position, reliability and safety of the display screens. Features such as maximum viewing distance and character height, optical performance, display control, expandable electrical performance, display character on flat screen display, appearance and structure, corrosion protection, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental adaptability make specific requirements.

How to choose Stadium LED display?

1: Installation position
Must meet athletes, coaches and referees, and on-site maximum viewing requirements of more than 95% of the audience.
2: Reliable security
Separate power supply, flame-retardant screen material, smoke, lightning protection, automatic fire alarm and Power off function
3: character height
The display character is at least higher than 0.2m.
4: Optical properties
Horizontal viewing angle> 1500, vertical viewing angle> 100, down viewing angle> 200; brightness adjustable; brightness unevenness<10%;
5: Display Control
Support real-time display of scrolling time, scrolling through pages to display results, automatically/manually switch between text and pictures, animation; support mutual switching of live broadcast images
6: Extensibility
Supports real-time connection scoring system, accepts data; supports receiving multiple forms of video signals
7: Electrical properties
Refresh rate: Graphic display ≥ 60Hz, full-color video display ≥ 240Hz; Grayscale: Display screen for display video, each base color should have 256 (8-bit) grayscale processing capabilities.
8: Appearance and Structure
Also meet IP65 or above protection class
9: Corrosion protection
Display screen must take anti-corrosion measures
10: Electromagnetic Compatibility
In stadiums with multiple electronic devices, the electromagnetic emission of the display screen should be up to the standard
11: Environmental Adaptability
Stadium display should adapt to rain and snow weather.

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How to choose Stadium LED display?

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How to choose Stadium LED display?





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