How to detect P2.5 LED display quality is good or bad?

Curretnly P2.5 LED display is the hot product in the small pixel LED display market. more and more clients choose P2.5mm LED display for its high refresh, high High definition, high color uniformity. but How to detect P2.5 LED display quality is good or bad?

We all know that the important part of P2.5 LED display is the LED display moudle, if the LED display moudles have a problem, they will directly affect the P2.5 led display screen quality! So, first we should know how to identify the LED display moudle is good or bad, the following methods are about how to detect the quality of LED display.

First, the material

1. P2.5 LED LED display panel

Some P2.5 LED display manufacturers use low-cost flame-retardant paperboard or single-sided fiberboard as the LED circuit board for low-price competition. Because full fiberglass PCB board is expensive. The difference cannot be seen at the beginning. Under normal circumstances, it will break due to moisture, UV damage, oxidation, etc after one year, resulting in the scrapping of the entire LED cell board. High-quality LED displays must use double-sided fiber PCB boards, which are cost-effective but quality is guaranteed.

2. IC devices

Observe the consistency of all brand IC device. What type of IC, and how many ICs are used, are also enough to affect the quality of P2.5 LED display. Some LED display manufacturers, in order to save costs, will deliberately reduce the number of ICs when manufacturing LED panel boards, or intermingle with other brands of ICs.

3. LED Lamp and chips:

The naked eye can't tell whether the LED lamp is good or bad. And we can only rely on long-term testing, that is, aging test. The general full-color LED display manufacturer's approach is: power before leaving the factory, check whether the LED display can work normally. It will not go through a long time aging test, because there are time costs and labor costs.

Second, the quality of welding

Check whether the components of the patch are missing or misprinted, and whether there are any short-circuits on the pin of the component pins. Check whether the straight solder joints are smooth and round, whether the board surface is clean and tidy, and whether there is no false solder leakage soldering. Check the consistency of the insert flatness and the ink color of the LED display LED dot matrix.

Third, power test

1 power test consistency of the lighting matrix;

2 Power test whether there is effective protection on the line drive tube CEM4953;

3 power test signal transmission capability.

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How to detect P2.5 LED display quality is good or bad?

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How to detect P2.5 LED display quality is good or bad?





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