What is the difference between LED display semi-outdoor and full-outdoor

Many people have such needs, want to know what is the difference between LED display semi-outdoor and outdoor? The following is the difference between the outdoors and semi-outdoor led display screen:

1, outdoor LED display production is the glue after the glue and then on the package, and semi-outdoor led display without glue

2, outdoor led display need to do full waterproof, semi-outdoor led display does not require waterproof.

3, outdoor led display brightness is higher, semi-outdoor led display brightness can generally

4, outdoor led display using closed box made of high degree of protection; semi-outdoor led display mostly made of direct aluminum or simple box, low protection level

5, outdoor led display structure also need to do waterproof, and semi-outdoor led display structure does not need to be waterproof

6. The first thing to consider when using outdoor led display screens is waterproof and moisture proof, or else the circuit boards may get bad when there is water.

7. Hanging position, font size, brightness, outdoor led display must also consider the reflective brightness, or daytime invisible words on the screen;

8. The impact of high-temperature exposure on the LED electronic display in the summer, appropriate to take heat removal measures and high temperature LED digital tube;

9. Screen size, appearance and communication requirements.

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What is the difference between LED display semi-outdoor and full-outdoor

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What is the difference between LED display semi-outdoor and full-outdoor





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