The Biggest Hero: LED Display Control System

With the continuous expansion of market demand and increasing application scenarios, LED display industry is still in rapid development. According to relevant agencies, the global LED display market value will reach US$917.347 billion in 2021. LED display control system The core part of the LED display is undoubtedly playing a vital role in promoting the development of the LED display industry.

LED display control system: "brain" of LED display

LED display control system as the "brain" of led display screen, plays a crucial role in the development of LED display. Whether from the continuous updating of materials, the progress of gray scales, or the realism of color representations and the diversification of correction techniques, the LED display control system has fully demonstrated its role in the promotion of LED displays. In the field of door and screen, from banner to single color to full color, this is a process of evolving door advertising. Excellent full-color control system can make the door full-color display more dazzling, more eye-catching, resulting in better advertising results. For example, in the highway information board, the original display of static content and the current control system can allow the display to reflect the road conditions in real time, and eliminate the original “IPC + synchronous control system” solution to integrate it. Higher, more convenient network management and control. With the continuous improvement of control technology, LED-dedicated integrated circuits are generally used, and the gray scale and each pixel can be controlled and adjusted according to the characteristics of the LED display, which greatly improves the display brightness and color effect of the display screen.

LED display control system development trend

Nowadays, LED displays are becoming more and more popular. In order to meet the current market's high-quality display requirements for LED displays, LED displays are moving toward higher brightness, higher weatherability, higher light uniformity, and higher reliability. Sex, full-color, multimedia and other directions, system operation, operation and maintenance are also integrated, networked, and intelligent. With the continuous introduction of new products and new technologies for LED display screens, it has further promoted the progress of LED display screen control system technology.

Compared with the early LED display control systems, the stability, reliability and ease of use of current LED display control systems have been greatly improved. At this stage, China's LED display industry has developed rapidly and is more intelligent. In order to comply with market demand, LED display control system manufacturers will also integrate more technological applications into the direction of intelligent product development. Nowadays, relevant manufacturers have already developed mobile phone software control APP on the market. They only need a mobile phone to control the LED display anytime and anywhere. While significantly reducing the threshold for the use of LED displays, they also display LED displays for businesses. The promotion has brought a great gospel.

Intensify the R&D Investment and Persist in the Route of Technological Innovation

At present, China's LED display control system is fiercely competitive. How to turn off the LED display control system is a problem that all LED display control system manufacturers need to consider. First of all, in terms of technology research and development, as the LED display industry continues to develop new areas, the LED display segment market is still hot, which also brings higher requirements for LED display control systems, such as high-density, small-pitch LED display. In recent years, the development momentum of screens has been buoyant and is gradually maturing. The reduction in the distance between points poses challenges to various devices such as driver ICs and control systems. If LED display control system manufacturers want to have a place in the LED display control system industry, while increasing investment in technology research and development, it should stick to the path of technological innovation.

In addition, the wave of smart cities has swept through and brought many application opportunities to the LED display industry. No matter transportation or security command systems, or astronomical or geographical monitoring systems, there is a lot of demand for LED displays. How to make the LED display "intelligent" together, and contribute to the smart city's interconnection and communication has become the LED display control system manufacturers efforts. The current LED display control system manufacturers should comply with the needs of intelligent products under the smart city construction, use their own resources, advance the layout of the field of intelligence, research and production of efficient and convenient intelligent control system products.

A good LED display control system can make the picture displayed by the LED display more realistic and beautiful. With the continuous improvement of the LED display technology, the LED display control system must keep up with the pace of technological innovation and bring people More pleasing picture display.

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The Biggest Hero: LED Display Control System

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The Biggest Hero: LED Display Control System





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