5 Kinds of LED Display Signal

LED display contains indoor and outdoor LED display. Sometimes we need to understand several common LED display signals. There are five common LED display signals.

CLK clock signal: the shift pulse provided to the shift register, each pulse will cause the data to move in or out of a bit. The data on the data port must coordinate with the clock signal to transmit data normally. The frequency of the data signal must be the frequency of the clock signal. 1/2 times. In any case, when the clock signal No. 1 is abnormal, the whole board will be disorganized.
STB latch signal: The data in the shift register is sent to the latch, and its data content is displayed by the drive circuit lit LED. However, since the driver circuit is controlled by the EN enable signal, its lighting must be on the premise that it is enabled for J. "The on state. The latch signal must also be coordinated with the clock signal." The complete image can be displayed. In any case, When the latch signal is abnormal, it will make the seesaw display clutter.

EN enable signal: The entire screen brightness control signal is also used for display blanking. Just adjust its duty cycle to control the brightness changes. When an error occurs in the enable signal, the entire screen will appear dark, dark, or trailing.

Data Signal: Provides the data needed to display the image. Must coordinate with the clock signal to transmit data to any display point. Generally, red, green and blue data signals are separated in the display. If a data signal is shorted to the positive or negative polarity, the corresponding color will appear bright or unlit. When the data signal is hollowed out, the corresponding color is displayed. The situation is uncertain.

ABCD line signal: only when the dynamic scan is sensitive, 'ABCD is actually a binary number, and A is the lowest bit. If binary representation of the ABCD signal control site, Fan Tian is 16 lines (1111), as long as 1/4 scan The AB signal is fine because the AB signal is represented by 4 lines (11). When the line control signal is abnormal, the display of misalignment, highlighting, or image overlap will occur.

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5 Kinds of LED Display Signal

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5 Kinds of LED Display Signal





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