Small Pixel LED Display Advantages

Compared with conventional LED display with small pitch LED display, pixel control technology is more advanced and reliable, which can improve the brightness, reproducibility and uniformity of display screen playback. Therefore, the small pixel pitch LED display has a higher use value, compared with the traditional DLP rear projection display, the advantages are also very obvious. What are the advantages of Small pixel led display screen compared with traditional LED display devices?

1. Strong stability, no matter what electronic products, stability is the first thing to do. Xincaichen uses high-quality components and fine processing techniques to reduce the dead lamp rate. The power signal double backup system guarantees stable operation for a long time. The working hours support 7*24 hours of continuous work.

2. High refresh rate, HD high-definition camera capture screen without stripes, more like I personally come to the scene to watch.

3. Low-light and high-gray, the brightness can still appear perfectly when the brightness is reduced to 20%, and the display consistency is very good. Under low-brightness, the grayscale performance of the display is almost perfect, and its display has a higher layering and vividness than conventional displays.

4. Good consistency, high-strength structure fine-tuning technology, seamless integration of the entire screen. Fine-tune to eliminate bright and dark lines. Point-by-point correction technology, the entire screen brightness, color consistency and uniformity.

5. High contrast, high-quality black lights and corrugated absorb black mask, the image is clear and sharp, bright colors and bright.

6. Low reflectiveness, using black matte lamp and corrugated light absorbing mask, the reflection in bright light environment is small, the screen is still clearly visible.

The screen displayed by the small pixel pitch LED display has high pixel integrity, rich picture performance, beautiful colors, and a high degree of appreciation. Traditional display devices can hardly do this.

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Small Pixel LED Display Advantages

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Small Pixel LED Display Advantages





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