Large LED Display Price Components

The price of LED large screen is mainly composed of the cost of the screen body, control system, cooling fan or other components of the air conditioner.

First, the cost of large-screen LED screens is generally based on how much money per square meter, of which the display model, the use of different materials, the price will be different. The screen quotation generally includes a full set of LED large screens required for the die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic masks, and all internal display lines, connection lines, etc. . Under the same area, the smaller the general distance between points, the more dies used, the higher the price of LED large screens. Of course, the price of a sub-delivery, the better the chip and other materials used, the price will naturally rise.

Second, air conditioning, LED large screen cooling equipment to ensure the normal operation of the screen and extend the life of the display device. General indoor screen or small area display screen can not be used, large-area indoor LED display is strongly recommended to install wall-mounted air conditioner, effective cooling, to ensure that the display is normal at high temperatures, reduce the failure rate and prolong life. In order to make the performance of the LED large screen more stable, air conditioning can not be avoided.

Third, the control computer is the necessary equipment to control the LED large screen, configuration requirements: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M more than discrete graphics, motherboards have PCI slots, LED large screen prices are closely related.

Fourth, in addition to the above, distribution cabinets and other accessories are also in the LED big screen price, but the proportion of less, basically negligible.

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Large LED Display Price Components

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Large LED Display Price Components





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