LED Display Hardware Components

Sometimes, some customers are willing to buy LED display components to assemble the LED display. What are the important components of the LED display? This is a question many customers often ask.

1, LED display light-emitting chip: LED electronic screen chip is the basis of product quality. From a cost-effective point of view, the wafer chip is second to none, and the market usage rate is also very high. The electronic product is a penny-a-delivery product. Although the price cannot completely determine the quality, it is to some extent the quality of the response.

2. led display driver IC: The driver IC is the second largest factor in the display quality. Because the driver chip pins directly control the LED lamps, inexpensive low-grade driver ICs can make the display unstable and prone to false soldering.

3, LED display power: Electricity is the source of electronic products, is an integral part of the LED display. When it comes to electricity, it naturally has to mention the power supply of the electronic screen. The display screen does not use the 380V or 220V power supply directly, but instead uses a professional power supply to convert to a 5V voltage. The quality of the power supply determines the stability and life of the display to a large extent. If the power supply quality is too low, it can be easily burned out, which will affect the use of the display.

4. LED electronic screen circuit board: The circuit board is a display screen layout platform. The effect of the circuit board on the display screen is heat dissipation, energy saving, stability, etc. The quality of the circuit board will greatly reduce the display failure rate and reduce power consumption. .

5, led display masks, kits: masks affect the display if Huaping, suites affect the LED display waterproof anti-freeze softening, the display mask does not meet the standard, the entire display looks inconsistent, Huaping is very serious, the effect greatly reduced. Low-quality kits tend to soften and bend under high-temperature conditions in summer, which will directly lead to irregular arrangement of LED lights on the display screen. In the winter, the LEDs will break easily at lower temperatures, which will also cause distortion and water in the large screen interior. Makes the display unusable or scrapped

6, LED large-screen control system, To ensuer LED display to play normally, We must use a computer to control, usually LED display are computer synchronization control. A sending card is installed in the computer, a receiving card is mounted on the display screen, and the computer sends the information to the display screen, and then the receiving card displays the information. If the quality of the LED large screen control system is not up to standard, the display screen will encounter major problems, and even the entire screen will often show a black screen or the local area will not be bright.

As a new type of high-end display device, LED displays are installed in airports, shopping centers, train stations, plazas, exhibitions, etc. They can easily attract people’s attention and become the “finishing touch” in the scene. It is highly regarded by visitors. With its artistic quality LED display, as a high-tech advertising new media, it also adds new design elements to customers' creativity in advertising. The perfect combination of dynamic screens and video screens brings shocking visual impact to people and promotes the effective dissemination of outdoor advertising.

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LED Display Hardware Components

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LED Display Hardware Components





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