6 Key Points for Purchase LED Display

With the increasing popularity of LED displays, many applications require LED displays to meet a variety of needs. The attendant problem is that many customers do not know how to purchase LED displays.

In the meeting rooms, schools, exhibition halls, home theaters and entertainment venues and other places of application, LED displays have bright colors, exquisite display effects, long service life, etc., and have won the recognition of consumers by lightning speed.

LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) is a semiconductor that can convert electrical energy into light energy. It changes the principle of incandescent tungsten filament emission and energy-saving lamp trichromatic powder emission, and uses electric field emission. According to analysis, the characteristics of LED are very obvious, long life, high luminous efficiency, low radiation and low power consumption. The spectrum of white LEDs is almost entirely concentrated in the visible light band, and its luminous efficiency can exceed 150 lm/W (2010). Here to say that in the use of LED display, need to pay attention to several key points of LED.

First, LED life

There is a big misunderstanding here. Most people think that the main materials of the screen, LED, and IC have reached 100,000 hours of life. They run at 365 days/year and 24 hours/day. Their service life is more than 11 years, so most customers only care about it. Use well-known LEDs and ICs. In fact, these two conditions are only necessary conditions, not sufficient conditions, because the rational use of three kinds of red, green and blue lamps is more important for the display screen. For different color lamps, it is necessary to make it work in the best condition for a A good display will be more important. The reasonable adjustment of IC also helps to overcome the unreasonable PCB layout problem. Just as a car has good engine and circuit control, it doesn't necessarily make a good car. At the same time, the power supply is also very important, because the power supply under different temperature conditions, its operating stability, output voltage and load capacity will also be different, because it is responsible for the logistics support, so its ability to directly affect the protection The quality of the screen.

Second, comply with the national standard

The general specification of LED display is the ministerial standard of 1995. There are still many companies claiming to be in line with national standards. After 8 years of technology development, it is no longer a standard. For example, if the control point is out of control, the national standard is 3% of the total. Take φ3.75 indoor dual-color display as an example. . The screen with a standard resolution of 640x480 is generally 7 square meters, with 43264 points per square meter. According to the national standard, there are 90 out of control points. Who will pay for such a display today?

Third, the software is free

There is a common problem in Chinese display industry in the display industry - only production does not develop. At present, only a few companies have genuine software. It is illegal to use piracy right now.

Fourth, cost-effective

Provide or require manufacturers to analyze the data of project installation and application environment, forecast the incidents of possible events, propose prevention and solutions, and then make a comprehensive assessment of the entire project plan;

Fifth, grayscale

Grayscale as a dual-color and full-color display is an important indicator. The current market is flooded with many 16- and 64-gradation display screens posing as 256 shades of gray. Its control cost is only one-fifth of the control of 256 gray scales. The easiest way is to play a VCD with a more intense sports scene to see if it can be seen clearly on the LED display.

Six, practicality

The application is fundamental, as the application of consulting, software upgrades, hardware maintenance, maintenance and repairs, ultimately, the support of manufacturers, clear their own needs, investment budget and the expected best results. The LED used in LED display is mainly to increase vigilance from several aspects such as LED lifetime, LED national standard, cost performance, LED gray scale, LED practicality, etc., to ensure that the LED used in the LED display to achieve the desired effect.

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6 Key Points for Purchase LED Display

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6 Key Points for Purchase LED Display





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