COB Encapsulation and Traditional LED Encapsulation

Compared with traditional encapsulation technology, what are the advantages of COB encapsulation technology?

1, high encapsulation efficiency, cost saving

The COB Encapsulation process is not much different from the SMD production process, but the COB encapsulation has higher encapsulation efficiency in dispensing, separation, light separation, and can save 5% of material costs compared to traditional SMD.

2, low thermal resistance advantages

The system thermal resistance structure of the traditional SMD Encapsulation is: chip-solid crystal glue-weld joint-tin paste-copper foil-insulation layer-aluminum material. The system thermal resistance of the COB Encapsulation is: chip-solid crystal glue-aluminum. The system thermal resistance of the COB Encapsulation is much lower than that of the conventional SMD Encapsulation, so the service life of the COB Encapsulation LED lamp is greatly improved.

3, light quality advantages

The traditional SMD Encapsulation attaches multiple discrete devices to a PCB board in the form of a patch to form a light source assembly for LED applications. This practice has the problems of spot light, glare, and ghosting. Since the COB Encapsulation is an integrated process, it is a surface light source, which has a large viewing angle and is easy to adjust, and reduces the loss of light refraction.

The traditional SMD Encapsulation method is to attach a plurality of different devices on a PCB board to form an LED light source assembly. The light source made by this Encapsulation process has the problems of electro-optic, ghosting and glare. The COB light source does not have the above problems. It belongs to a surface light source, has a large viewing angle and is easy to adjust the angle, which reduces the loss of light due to refraction.

4, application advantages

COB light source application is very convenient, no other process can be directly applied to the lamp. The traditional SMD Encapsulation light source also needs to be patched and then fixed on the PCB by reflow soldering. It is not as convenient as COB in application.

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COB Encapsulation and Traditional LED Encapsulation

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COB Encapsulation and Traditional LED Encapsulation





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