Outdoor Led display Performance Parameters

Nowadays, led display industry is gradually rising and expanding. There are countless led display screens. outdoor LED display screen has become the best choice for outdoor advertising. People have higher and higher requirements for LED display screens. . What kind of display screen is the "good screen" in the minds of customers? There are 8 most important performance parameters.

First, high resolution. The high resolution of a display screen makes it possible to display high-quality advertising images.

Second, high brightness, because the requirements of outdoor conditions require higher brightness, especially adjustable brightness.

Third, high gray levels, only with a higher gray level can make the display more uniform color, the image is more delicate, with high resolution, in order to make the display high-quality images.

Fourth, the high refresh rate and the high refresh rate of the display screen can make the camera and camera have no defects such as black lines, color patches, etc., and the picture is more stable.

Fifth, high contrast is one of the necessary conditions for a “good screen”, otherwise the high gray level of the display will not be able to show up.

Sixth, the role of white balance and white balance is to restore the true color of the picture. It directly affects the effectiveness of advertising.

Seventh, uniformity, it is also a necessary condition for a “good screen”. It depends on the quality of the luminous tube, the design level of the display screen, the production technology level, the calibration level, and the installation level.

Eighth, large viewing angles, viewing angles covered by outdoor LED electronic advertising screens, advertisers all want to be able to clearly and accurately view the original screens, so the pursuit of large viewing angles is an inevitable requirement.

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Outdoor Led display Performance Parameters

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Outdoor Led display Performance Parameters





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